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Karly Hocking Content Marketing

3 Month Instagram Kit for Etsy Sellers - Instant download

3 Month Instagram Kit for Etsy Sellers - Instant download

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A 3 month Instagram Content Kit that takes the stress out of social media planning for your Etsy shop.

Including 3 months of Instagram strategy and pre-written Instagram captions designed specifically for Etsy Sellers.

✨ This is a digital product 

The problem

You're investing time to promote your Etsy shop on Instagram but struggle to come up with fresh ideas, a clear strategy and tangible results.

The solution

Grab over 11,500 words of pre-written Instagram caption samples, plus 3 months of social media content strategy so you can:

🌈 Reclaim the time you spend thinking up clever Instagram captions
🌈 Say goodbye to your scattergun approach to Instagram
🌈 Keep consistent and always have something ready to share
🌈 Learn the strategy to grow your following, develop connections and convert your audience into paying customers

What's included 

🙌 90 days of Instagram posts written specifically for Etsy sellers to easily copy, adapt and paste, totalling 11,500 words
🙌 90 day content calendar done for you
🙌 The strategy behind each post including what, why and how to use your captions to build connection and close sales.

👉 BONUS Hashtags 101 Guide
👉 BONUS 55 Call-to-action words and phrases to use in your copy
👉 BONUS Content style guide
👉 BONUS The four types of Instagram posts guide
👉 BONUS The marketing terms you need to know


Perfect if

🤔 The thought of writing makes you want to hide under a blanket
🤔 You don’t have the time to write clever, strategic posts
🤔 You are too busy working IN your business that taking the time to market what you do has become an afterthought
🤔 You can’t get the strategy or ideas right
🤔 You don’t generate enough sales from Instagram to justify your time
🤔 You can’t keep up with all the changes on Instagram

How it will help

This will give you the words, strategy and structure to grow your audience and convert followers into customers.

This has been specifically designed so you can:
⚡️Save time, reduce stress, and stay focused
⚡️Harness the power of content to grow and scale your Etsy shop
⚡️Be confident about what you are sharing on Instagram
⚡️Reach a broader audience and build valuable connections with prospective customers.

It will help you:

👀 Nurture your audience
👏 Inform prospective customers
🔏 Have fun with your followers
$ Generate sales

What customers say

"The Instagram Content Playbook has helped me take my Instagram to the next level. I am saving soooo much time AND creating QUALITY posts! It has helped me boost sales and connect to my followers. 10/10 content!!!"

"An epic tool for content creators keen to level up their Insta game, and an absolute must-have for small biz on the Covid rebuild journey looking to fast-track their comeback!"

"Your content playbook has given me a focus! Some days I just feel like I’m posting the same old things, this has helped me get out of my post rut and really focus in on my message! Thank you! Rae x"

"I can’t think you enough for your content book. It’s helped me gather my thoughts on what I want to say and actually create content for my Instagram. It’s given me the confidence to bring more followers and profile visits."

"Karly’s content playbook is a GAME CHANGER in the way I market my small business on Instagram."

"I love the post examples and how to display these. It is really helpful!"

"The content has helped me to structure my business posts and helped me hit my first promotion."

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Exactly what content is included?

Once you purchase, you will have access to 102 page Word document including all 90 Instagram sample captions and strategy behind each caption; plus the 119 page PDF including:

90 Instagram post caption samples with 90 Instagram post strategies (98 pages)

90 Day Instagram content calendar (3 pages)

Four types of Instagram posts cheat sheet (1 page)

Content style guide cheat sheet (1 page)

55 call to action words and phrases that really work (2 pages)

Hashtags 101 guide (4 pages)

The marketing terms you need to know (1 page).

What files will I receive?

👉 1 x PDF 90 Day Instagram Content Playbook for Etsy Sellers (119 pages)

👉 1 x Word document containing (102 pages)

Will this work for my business?

The pre-written caption samples have been created based on a range of fictional Etsy shops from a wide range of niches. Before each caption sample, you are provided with the strategy behind the caption as well as the structure to help you adapt the caption to your business, offering and audience.

It can be used by any Etsy Shop. All pre-written captions can be adapted to meet your offering, industry and audience. Better still, I give you the tools and background to understand how to best market your specific business.

How much time is required?

The 90 Day Instagram Content Playbook for Etsy Sellers saves you tonnes of time. It will only take about 2 minutes to adapt each caption sample to meet your needs, then all you need to do is post, sit back and relax. 😊

Do I need specific tools or software?

Once you purchase, you will receive access to a zipped file containing the PDFs and a Word document. You don’t need any specific tools or software to access or use this Playbook, just the ability to open a PDF document and Word file.

Will this work for Instagram Reels?

Absolutely! The 90 Day Instagram Content Playbook for Etsy Sellers will give you the content strategy of what to include across all your Instagram content, plus pre-written captions you can customize and add to your Reels or posts.

How is this different from the 3 Month Instagram Kit?

The 3 Month Instagram Kit for Etsy Sellers is specifically designed for Etsy sellers. All caption samples are from fictional Etsy shops and all calls to action point to Etsy.

I have purchased other Karly Hocking products. Is this content duplicated in any other products?

Some of the caption samples within the 3 Month Instagram Kit for Etsy Sellers is included in other Karly Hocking Content Marketing products:

- 3 Month Instagram Kit

- 6 Month Instagram Kit

- 1 Year Instagram Kit

- 3 Month Instagram Bundle

- 6 Month Instagram Bundle

- 1 Year Instagram Bundle

If you are looking for more caption samples, please contact us.

Why should I purchase from Karly Hocking Content Marketing?

My products are backed by over 15 years of professional experience and my university qualifications: 

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Arts

With your purchase, you can access my expertise without paying my $150/hour consulting fees. My products have been created over months of research and development.

Can I use this for my clients’ businesses or businesses other than my own?

All of the information within and the design of Karly Hocking Content Marketing products is the original proprietary work of J.Hocking Enterprise Pty. Ltd. and is copyrighted. It cannot be copied, shared, sold, resold, distributed or redistributed in any form, either printed or electronically.

Where explicitly stated in the documents, caption samples and templates can be copied and used for the purpose of promoting the purchaser's business only.

Do you license your products for resale?

No, Karly Hocking Content Marketing does not license any products for resale. All of the information within and the design of Karly Hocking Content Marketing products is the original proprietary work of J.Hocking Pty. Ltd. and is copyrighted. They cannot be copied, shared, sold, resold, distributed or redistributed in any form, either printed or electronically.

I have a question not answered here.

No worries, shoot me an email at and or enter your question here and I will be happy to help. 😊